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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  April 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> joe: the 111 pitch effort by sabathia. gives up his first hit in the bottom of the 8th with two out. former teammate kelly shoppach,
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the two were together with the cleveland indians, who gets him. a balk by david robertson. down to second goes shoppach. here is the reaction after the hit by shoppach. fell in front of the left fielder gardner. >> tim: reaction or lack of reaction. >> joe: robertson misses up and in with a ball to kapler. here is the reaction by cervelli. i'm sure he was feeling the pressure as sabathia made his way through this game. >> tim: the thing about it is from a catcher's standpoint you are the only one facing the scoreboard and you can see that one come down under the hit column. >> joe: the reaction by the
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fans and his teammates in the dugout. he has that capability with his stuff every time he takes the ball. the strike. 2-1. joe girardi has been involved in four no hitters in his career. caught two in a yankee uniform. dwight gooden back in may of '96. david stone's perfect game in july of '99. a teammate for david wells in his perfect game in may of '98 and a manager with the florida marlins, manager of the year, sanchez threw a no-hitter. and he watched his left-hander sabathia go into the bottom of the 8th with two outs before shoppach got him.
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3-1 now is the count on kapler. full count. kapler has grounded out and popped up. yankees are expecting big things out of david robertson. missing one big piece from the world series push last year, phillip hughes will get the start on thursday. still a full count. >> tim: joe, the game you mentioned that joe girardi caught the david coen perfect game, i was working for the yankees at the time and i did that game with susan wallman who is in the booth right next to us working the game with john sterling. the last out caught in foul territory by scott brosher.
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bobby mercer, a great yankee and just a terrific guy. and susan andy that game. talk about a thrill. wow. >> a pop-up down the left field line. gardner is there. for the record, did you mention no-hitter during the broadcast? >> tim: we were talking about it during the fourth inning. >> joe: but he still did it? you didn't jinx him? >> tim: dispels the myth. ortho weed b gon max. it kills weeds down to the root. even the tough ones like dandelion and crabgrass. but unlike that other stuff, it won't kill the grass. ortho guarantees it. kill the weeds, not the lawn. weeds, not lawn. got it? yea. ortho weed b gon max. defend what's yours.
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comeback. nick johnson is looking for his first hit. and he is the only member of this lineup for the yankees to not have a hit. jabba chamberlain is getting loose for the yankees in their bullpen. 1-1 on johnson. here's the 1-1. i want to hear you say again for the record because we opened up the whole e-mail pandora's box. it has been fun. baseball fans, yankee fans are pleading with us to stop talking about the no-hitter because we are jinxing is but when david coen did that to the montreal expos, talked about it
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in the fourth inning. susan and i talked about it. bobby mercer and i talked about it. we talked freely about it. there is susan. but i mean, you know, the whole thing is just ridiculous to think that announcers have anything to do with what is going on on the field. >> now, that is where i disagree with you. >> tim: oh, you do? >> joe: here is the pitch that misses. ball three. 3-2. >> tim: so much superstition in baseball. even guys in the dugout, they don't talk to the pitchers except in david wells' perfect game when david coen who was pitching a perfect game 14 months later was the guy agitating him throughout the whole thing. gets his against minnesota in may of 1998. and then coen was to do is 14 months later. that in itself is remarkable. >> joe: i will give you that but david wells is in his own category. >> tim: that's true. that's true. but really so is coney.
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he has the bizarre sense of humor, too. but the whole thing is just years of the tradition you don't know how is got started but it is foolish. >> joe: here is teixeira hitting one well into left. that is crawford at the wall and that is no catch. and back to first is teixeira. he got hung up because nick johnson didn't run. and teixeira's tagged out. >> tim: nick johnson didn't run because he thought the ball was caught. >> joe: all of sudden teixeira who is going around first looked up and there is johnson sitting there at second base, two of the slow are runners on the yankees team. hits off the wall, corralled by crawford. teixeira is going to second saying nick, the ball hit the wall. and i'm out. >> tried to get back to the
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first base bag but could not. >> tim: see, what a runner does at first base you go as far as the outfielder gets closer to the fence you get closer to second base. that is why and then if the ball does hit the ball you are in a position to go to third. but by going halfway or being too timid toward first base you going to mess that play up. >> joe: a foul ball that catches a piece of rodriguez. >> tim: in fact, you and i saw aaron rowen in the 2005 world series in chicago not a play like that but in a wind-blown fly ball to left field end up at second base after the ball was dropped in left field. in you are the runner at first base, again, you have to get closer to the bag as the outfielder gets closer to the fence. >> joe: a base hit for teixeira. he came into the game 0-16. went 0-17 as he lined out the
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first time up and now he is 3 for the last 3. the putout went 7-4, 3-4. left, second, first, back to the second baseman for the tag. subway fresh fit 600 is coming up from phoenix right after this action at 7:00. there is strike two on rodriguez. >> tim: what a game. >> joe: had a lot in it and rodriguez has made two very good defensive plays and his efforts really the only reason why we were talking about the potential no-hitter into the 8th. that is ball two. >> tim: not a bad way to kick off the 2010 season. >> joe: our 15th season together and wind up in some
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city -- the end of the world series in november again this year? >> tim: i think so, yes. >> joe: sometime in november. >> tim: yes. november 4th. >> joe: that is game seven? >> tim: that would be game seven if, of course, needed. >> joe: three balls two strikes on rodriguez. runner at second. one out. and a walk to put two on for cano. well, we couldn't guarantee cc sabathia would get a no-hitter today. turns out kelly shoppach is the one who broke it up in the bottom of the eighth. did you know, valvoline, however, will guarantee your engine up to 300,000 miles? valvoline the first and only motor oil in the industry to guarantee your engine up to
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300,000 miles. help to bring you fox saturday baseball. and there is the welcome back into the dugout for sabathia who is on his way to his first win of the season. he won 19 last year 86 here's cano. ramiro pain tha pena has takend is doing the running at first. and it is two on with one out. cano has a homerun. he is 1-4. that floats down and away. ball and a strike. interesting that the yankees decided to go away from jose
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molina and not bring him back. they wanted to get younger there. that pitch misses barely. ball two to cano. so it is cervelli. he should get a lot of action behind the plate this year. with wh jorge posada not gettig any younger but started out the season very well and he didn't shoney signs of slowing down -- didn't show any signs of slowing down last year. a 2-1 that misses. ball three. 3-1. >> tim: for tonight, for cervelli. it is dear diary, i almost caught a no-hitter today and high-fived ail leg rodriguez when came out of the game. >> joe: two on with one out. three balls and a strike. cano. line drive. base hit into center field.
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nick johnson coming to the plate. the throw by upton is not in time. it's 9-0, new york. cano gets his third rbi of the game. and now randy winn who entered the game in the last half inning for swisher gets his firstat bat of the afternoon or early evening. >> tim: never know how things going to play out as far as the player's career is concerned but i think within the next five years robinson cano will win a batting title in the american league. >> joe: he should be entering the prime of his career right now. >> tim: yep. >> joe: dangerous fly ball into the seats off the bat of randy winn who is a new piece of the puzzle for the yankees here in 2010. he can run, he's got pop. he can drive the ball into the
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gaps. pick up infield hits. 0-1 pitch. back in the dirt. shoppach doesn't know where it is and the runners advance to second and third. a wild pitch by eckstrom. one ball, one strike. as we look ahead to next week and fox saturday baseball we'll see the mets and cardinals get together. the giants and the dodgers. >> tim: giants the only undefeated team in baseball. >> joe: came from behind last night. renterria with a big swing of the bat. >> tim: how about his start. >> joe: great start for renterria and the san francisco
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giants. cardinals mets. giants dodgers. white sox indiansons presented by lowes. fox saturday baseball returns next week. check your local listings for the game and time in your area. out into shallow left. bartlett is there. the runners will hold. two outs. you, sir,, will watch the matchup between the mets and the cardinals and we will go back to our 4:00 eastern start time. and david wright had a homerun in the mets opener after hitting just ten homeruns last year in spacious citifield. >> tim: pujols had two for the cardinals against the cincinnati reds. what an extraordinary hitter pujols is. >> joe: and a free agent to be at the end of next year which is like a hurricane gathering out in the ocean for cardinal
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ownership in the front office wondering what direction that is going to head. >> joe: granderson fouls it. one ball, one strike. hurricane albert will either re-sign with st. louis or become the most sought -after free agent, i don't know, maybe ever. >> tim: maybe. thus far, i guess alex rodriguez was. >> joe: yep. a 1-1. two balls and a strike. runners on at second and third. two outs. two balls and a strike on granderson. now, 3-1. rays in the bottom of the ninth will have the top of their
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lineup. bullpen is quiet now for the yankees. jabba chamberlain was up earlier. eckstrom his first inning of work after wheeler went a third, loads the bases. with a run already home. three walks in the ninth inning for eckstrom. and granderson is on base for the fourth time in this game. give you an adehow difficult it is when a catcher is traded. before the game, i asked kelly shoppach. i said i haven't seen mike eck tram, what does he throw? kelly says well, i haven't seen him that much either. you know, it was a very funny remark but gives you an adeof how difficult it is to make the transition from a catcher on one team to a catcher on another because you don't know
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the pitchers. particularly, the young pitchers coming up. so i didn't find out anything. so i don't know what to tell you. got no scouting report. doug kelly couldn't give me a scouting report. >> joe: eckstrom scouting report or the wish will be throw more strikes 86. >> tim: yes. >> joe: after this. and now he is 2-0 on gardner. bullpen is certainly a question mark for the rays. i think when you look at this team, the 2010, that is the one area where i would imagine joe mad season a little bit uneasy, particularly because j.p. howell is not available. a good fastball for a strike. soriano is not a guarantee at
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the back end of the bullpen. >> tim: dan wheeler is solid. >> joe: wheeler is solid. balfour. he pitched in this game, one perfect inning. 2-1 pitch is down and in. 3-1. yankees will see at least 175 pitches in the game. pitch number 175 coming right here. strike. full count. runners will go. bases loaded. pena, cano, and granderson. this is as much speed as the yankees have with gardner at the plate. 3-2 pitch. and another walk. four walks in the inning.
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forces home another run. and that is frustration down in that dugout as cervelli the number nine hitter will step in. pena scores. he was running for alex rodriguez. getting high-fives for going station to station. >> tim: and joe mad season playing for tomorrow right now -- and joe mad season playing for tomorrow right now. no way to drain your bullpen and unfortunately for mike eckstrom he has 20 stay out there and suck it up goo 8th guy to bat in the inning is cervelli. ball one, low. we were going to congratulate don zimmer on the air and maybe chat with him from down in the seats. in his 62nd year in professional baseball. here is his baseball history. first player to ever wear a new york mets uniform. was a coach on the '75 champion
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red sox, american league champion. managed in '78. four time world series champion as bench coach for joe torrey. we had a microphone on him and an ear piece and he left. if you see don, tell him we need the microphone back. we want to congratulate him for going into the red sox hall of fame and all, that is fantastic but bring the microphone back. there is no unlimited budget at fox. >> tim: no, no. >> joe: those things can't be cheap. okay. he left it in the clubhouse. but for awhile, they were pulp scurrying back in l.a. the groundball to second. makes the play. yankees get two in the ninth.
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the microphone is back where it belongs and we go to the bottom of the ninth. 10-0, yankees lead. outside. i can stream the movie "airplane" to my cell phone... at the airport. i can have a crystal-clear videoconference with my clients... ...muffin basket or something... ...while working offsite, or share five high-speed connections for online gaming... while enjoying the great outdoors. [ video game sound effects ] eat it, yoshi! what can you do with 4g? [ male announcer ] experience 4g from sprint. it's more than a wireless network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities, it's a wireless revolution. access i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for heart health. ( crowd roars ) that's a great call. one a day men's.
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>> joe: we're going have a few changes here in the bottom of the ninth inning. david robertson stays in the game, he is on the mound. he finished off in the bottom of the eighth. it is 10-0 the yankees lead. and pain that stay pena stays t third base. takes over for alex rodriguez who had a terrific game here today as much with the glove as he did with the bat. and reid brignac who the tampa bay rays really like and had a great spring training is going to pinch-hit for bartlett. watch this kid during batting practice and he can pound the baseball. >> tim: joe madden saying all of this is throws also are right around the shoulders to the first baseman. >> joe: predominantly a shortstop in the minor league. you can see the rip.
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won the al lopez award for the springkie during strange training. came up initially with the rays in '08. three times last year. trying to stick. the problem for joe mad season trying to get him enough at-bats and trying to stay with the momentum he carries out of spring training. and the saying thing with the guy on deck. a strikeout starts the bottom of the ninth. one away and we send it to our good friend chris myers. >> getting ready for the start of the race in the heat of the desert. last baseball on fox, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific, jimmie johnson won four of the last five races here but dale earnhardt, jr. has a good car coming in starting fifth. join us for nascar on fox a little bit later in phoenix. >> joe: chris looks good, looks rested.
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>> tim: he does. >> joe: the desert has been kind to him. >> tim: yes, it has. >> joe: a ball to sean rodriguez. 51 homeruns the last two years at aaa and a guy who came to the organization in the trade from the angels. here is another piece of the puzzle. should get a lot of action at second base and when the rays he facing a right-hander they willle play some second and zobrist will go out to right. today against the lefty zobrist played second and kapler got the start in right. that is in the dirt, 2-1. >> tim: talk about pieces of the puzzle. pieces of the buzz until his family. his father -- pieces of the puzzle in his family. his father is the manager of the st. louis minor league team. i think is is davenport and rock island in illinois. he grew up around baseball. his dad has been a manager and coach throughout his young career. he was taught well.
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>> he can hit. 2-2. and a check swing did not go. full count. you wonder the future of this organization with a couple of the decisions they have to make with carl crawford and with carlos pena, two pending free agents. talked about having to reduce the payroll, hoping for a new facility at some point. there is strike three over the inside corner. back-to-back strikeouts here in the bottom of the ninth inning. >> joe: have to find more ways to generate revenue through the stump. i think they have done the best they can with this facility which predates the rays. >> tim: and i believe the


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